Your Performance Review Form

The Union is piloting a new online Performance Review Form.  You will have a unique log on to access your form to record and track your performance goals and progress.  Both you and your line manager can access the form to:

  • draft and agree your objectives
  • establish a baseline on where you are against the Union’s Values Based Behaviours
  • record your learning and development plan for the year
  • track your progress through the Continuous Feedback Meetings and
  • summarise your overall performance in your final end of year review.

There is also space to prepare for and reflect on learning activity.  Training will be available to support you in each element of the Performance Review process.  HR and your SLG lead will also have read-only access to the form so they can support you and your line manager to ensure consistency and quality is achieved across the whole Union.

You can find more information on how we support your performance in our Performance Policy or complete your On-Line Performance Review Form  via

Values Based Behaviours

Our new performance approach recognises that what people do and how they do it are equally important.  We ask the whole Union team to be committed to living our Values so we have a Values-Based Behaviours Framework – to help you understand more about our Values and give examples of the positive behaviours we want to see and experience.  They give examples of the positive behaviours element of the Good Performance definition, and support staff in identifying areas for growth and development.  The descriptors have been developed to be used for performance reviews, personal development, staff recruitment and selection, and reinforcing our desired culture.  We’ll provide training to help you reflect on your current performance and any development to help you meet the Union’s ‘Good Performance’ standard.

To find out more, check out the Performance Policy or you can use the Assessment Tool and Guidance Resource we have put together.

Assessment Tool
Guidance Resource

Supporting Your Performance

Our core belief is that our success depends upon the achievement of our goals in a way which reflects our Values. What people achieve is important and how people achieve outcomes is of equal importance.  We have a Good Performance standard as a Union that supports this core belief and want to see all our staff achieve this performance level.

To support you we provide training and support to help you agree good objectives with your line manager that are linked to the Union’s strategy and your department’s annual plan.  In addition, we use our Values-Based Behaviours to help articulate our Values and encourage you to work with your line manager to understand where you excel and where you may need to develop through the year. Your line manager will then work with you throughout the year to reflect on your progress.  You will have regular Continuous Feedback Meetings with your line manager which are open and two-way discussions encouraging you to reflect on your own work load and performance with your line manager providing coaching, feedback and direction as appropriate.  At the end of the year you reflect with your line manager on your performance, both in terms of the outcomes you have achieved and the behaviours and skills you have demonstrated.  If you successfully demonstrate both you will meet the Union’s Good Performance standard- you will then be eligible for the Union’s Annual Pay Award.

From time to time work may not go according to plan.  If at any point you find you are not meeting the Union’s Good Performance standard, your line manager will work with you to understand the reasons for the gap in performance.  They will support you to develop and improve your performance to the required level. Throughout the focus will be to understand the reasons for any under-performance and provide the support or other interventions needed for performance to reach an acceptable standard as soon as possible.

You can find more information on how we support your performance in our Performance Policy.