Your Development

We believe a culture of growth and continuous learning is key to our success as a Union. We recognise that people are individuals and your learning and development journey will be unique to you so we will support you to grow and develop in your role.  We encourage all our staff to consider their learning and development needs at the start of each year, and update them through the year.   We’ll then support you to find the right opportunity for you by:

  • Providing access to formal training and informal learning opportunities.
  • Enabling you to attend conferences to expand your knowledge and horizons in your specialist area and beyond.
  • Supporting you to meet people to share experiences and learn from others doing a similar role.
  • Helping you find and access online and web based learning.
  • Encouraging you to think about the learning you are planning and to reflect on how you will share and apply it through coaching to help you bring what you learn back to your role.

You can find out more about our approach to Learning & Development in the Learning & Development Policy.

For more information on what is available and how to access the learning and development you need, the HR Manager and Training & Development Co-ordinator are there to help.   If you know what you need then submit a Training & Development Request using the form on the HR section of the UoNSU Forms Page.

University Short Courses

As a member of Students’ Union staff you can also access some of the courses run by the University.  For your role the University Short Courses may offer suitable development in a range of areas.  You can find out more about what they have on offer on the UoN intranet Short Courses for Staff and Students .  If there is a course relevant to your learning and development plan, then you can apply by completing a Training & Development Request.

Evening Classes

The University also offers a range of evening classes for your personal interest.  These include languages such as Spanish to British Sign Language.  You can access these at the same discounted rates as UoN staff.  Details are published each term via the University’s ‘In The Loop’.

Learning at Work

We encourage formal and informal learning and it’s great when staff create these opportunities for themselves and each other.  We recognise the National Learning at Work Week initiative in May each year and encourage staff to participate in learning and activities.