Ironman Monday – Technology and Innovation

Andy O’Hara: Motivating student groups through STAR studded impact

Kristian Bennett: Rebranding the SU shop to Spar

Tim Cosham: Using data to drive performance – the data audit

Hulk Tuesday: Creativity and Passion

Sarah Murray: Using competition to gather student opinion

Sophie Fox: Cupids approach to changing behaviour

Holly Roberts: Using mystery shoppers to build customer service

Kelda Skey: Global buddies – the journey. The challenges faced, the passion involved and the difference the SU has made to international students

Beth Massey: Thinking outside the box with the Lecture Capture campaign

Lottie Lappin: Quality v Quantity: The L&D challenge to improve quality

Tim Coasham & Jamie Dickinson: Student mapping and the decisions it has influenced

Wolverine Wednesday: Strength and Perseverance

Emma Feneley: Events celebrating 50 years of volunteering

Maureen Thomson: Sink or Swim in your first month

Natalie Martin: Having impact with impact

Sarah Murray: Finding your mojo again using ADKAR change management

Ella Coulthard: Fantastic Four on Tour – The changing face and pace of the volunteer department

Mikey Lappin: Gold Vision-The scoping and implementation of our central CRM Platform

Thor Thursday: Support

Hayley Gillmore: Empowering students through peer to peer delivery

Rob Henderson: Will the Hopper bus ever hop? Lobbying change

Sian Williams: The complexities of supporting one student’s journey

Nick Fury Friday: Leadership and management

Shea Mellor: This is what team Sponsorship do and how we do it: Leading through our values, empowering through our actions

Emma Spencer: Managing expectations and getting the best out of people: Empowering student groups through stakeholder management