Living the Values

We actively encourage every member of the union team to live our Values – empowering, collaborative, inclusive – through the ways we work together, showing respect for the contribution made by everyone and helping others to achieve their goals as well as well as meeting our own.

We love to see people grow and succeed and do whatever we can to help them fulfill their potential. We inspire, guide, encourage, share and support while providing a helping hand when we’re needed. We not only notice the best in people, but help them to see their own potential.

We’re all unique, and we see each person as the individual they are. We value and respect everyone, whatever their background, culture or style. We promote fairness and celebrate diversity in all that we do, working hard to make the right services and support available for all, whenever and wherever they need it.

Working together is our strength. We thrive on ideas, exchange and listen to experience, encouraging collective talent and bringing people together. We value one another for our knowledge and skills and bring out the best in everyone to succeed in our common goals.

Values-Based Behaviours

We explain more about what living our values means in our Values-Based Behaviours Framework and work with you to help you live them to the max.

We ask the whole Union team to be committed to living our Values so we have a Values-Based Behaviours Framework to help every member of staff  understand more about our Values and it gives examples of the positive behaviours we want to see and experience. You can also find out more in our Performance Policy where the Values-Based Behaviours are defined, and through training and support in your role.

Cultural or Faith Obligations

Our Values actively promote diversity amongst our staff team and seek to create an inclusive organisational culture. Flexibility will be provided wherever possible to enable you to take holidays or leave at a particular time so you can celebrate or comply with your religious or faith obligations.